Attention Startups and Investors: SkaloUp is Almost Here!

The future of international expansion and investment is approaching. Join us in shaping it – one startup, one investment at a time. 

For Startups:

Elevate your business to new heights. Join SkaloUp – your partner in global expansion. Conquer the U.S. market and beyond, guided by SkaloUp’s tailored strategy. From market entry to scaling, we’re committed to realizing your global ambitions.

For Investors:

Invest with confidence. Join SkaloUp to co-found startups, driving success on a global scale. Our curated selection of startups undergoes rigorous evaluation, ensuring you’re part of ventures with limitless international potential.

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Whether you’re a startup ready to soar or an investor seeking the next big thing, let’s connect! 🚀🌐 #SkaloUp

Cris Madureira

Cris Madureira

Alex Mildenberg

Alex Nunes